Determining Merit of Cases

One of the most difficult tasks an attorney is faced with is determining upfront whether or not to pursue a potential case. Dr. Welden can quickly assist in determining whether there was any breach in the standard of care and whether that breach caused injury in a potential case. Ultimately, he will assist in the formation of a hypothesis regarding negligence and proximate cause based on substantiated facts from the records and medical literature that you can count on to make your case.

Medical Record Assessment

Often medical records come over incomplete and disorganized. Let Dr. Welden turn the chaos into order by determining what is missing, what is relevant and what is ultimate needed to build the strongest case possible. He will dissect out the issues, strengths and problems from a medical standpoint.

Records Organization

Closely related to medical record assessment is records organization. Often attorneys can be overwhelmed with both the volume and disorganization of the records when they arrive during discovery. You and your experts will want those records organized, but you want your staff to be billing hours on other priorities. Let Welden turn the chaos into order by determining what is missing, what is relevant and what is ultimate needed to build the strongest case possible. Welden will index the important files and ultimately create a set of “key records” that include all relevant records in your case.

Medical Summary

Convincing the judge, jury and/or your opponent of the merits of you case requires the ability to present the evidence in a prepared manner. After Welden thoroughly reviews, organizes and analyses the medical records, he will offer a medical case evaluation to help you understand the medical factors of the case saving you time and money and ultimately enabling you to better represent your client. Welden is skilled at streamlining the facts and picking out only the relevant details, which are ultimately packaged together and presented for you and your experts to review. As part of this, he includes a chronology or time-line of the case, the key records, and relevant evidenced-based medical literature.

Medical Research

The ability to analyze the evidence utilizing relevant medical literature is something a trained medical professional can do best. Welden can research the issues to find literature, regulations, guidelines, and protocols that support the plaintiff's hypothesis of negligence and causation. This can be used to support plaintiff expert opinions and to discredit defense experts.

Liaison with Plaintiff Experts

Being able to discuss the issues prior to sending out a case to an expert can save time and money. Medical experts appreciate the physician-physician communication where the case can be discussed more extensively prior to any reviews. Dr. Welden can also help with locating experts in a particular field.

Deposition Assistance

Assist in attorney deposition preparation of fact witnesses and defendant's experts: I help make an outline of important issues to cover in a deposition and write questions for deposition and trail. Help with organizing a summary of the case for the deposing attorney along with literature to use in questioning.

Trial Preparation

Welden can assist in trial preparation by prepping experts and preparing demonstrative evidence and exhibits as well as helping your client with the stress of facing a hostile doctor and opposing attorney.